Some Types Of Entertainment


After a long hectic day, we all find our solace in some form of entertainment.

 What does entertainment really means to us. Well it’s a whole another world in itself. For some it is television shows, for some books, for some video-games, for some scrolling Instagram, for some listening to music and for some it’s solving cross-word puzzles. No matter what it is, we all look forward to that time of the day where our minds can go to their happy place, where we all can let out our inner child, where we can truly unwind ourselves.

Entertainment can be an activity or an idea .It gives us pleasure and delight and beholds our utmost attention .Since ancient times people who share interests in similar ideas of entertainment have formed communities and devoted time and resources to enjoy and spend time together . Now in this modern era we have a whole different industry contributed to entertainment. This multi-million dollar industry keeps on evolving every day and adapting to people’s interests. It is necessary that entertainment industry takes care of mutual interests of people from all walks of life.


 This industry revolves around entertainment performances, shows, party, conference, standups, press, media, marketing ,artists , writers and most important of all audience .It is the audience who decides whether a leisure activity is entertainment for them or not. The audience can perform a passive role in activities like stand-ups, cinema, opera, games where they don’t directly interact with the form of entertainment or an active role in some activities like playing games, dancing in clubs, gambling etc.


Some types of entertainment-

Entertainment can either be private or public, scripted or unscripted, indoors or outdoors etc.

Evolution of entertainment

Persistence of most forms of entertainment since ancient times is clearly evident. With evolving technology and culture, there may be reforms in its presentation but original spirit of the concerned entertainment is still intact. Even in the era of social media where everyone’s entertainment is scrolling apps, listening music, playing games, still whenever our kith and kins gather for an evening together, most of us like to do it old-style with board-games, story-telling, movies etc.

Most of us substitute entertainment as a feeling of being amused. Feeling of being thrilled, carefree, happy, exciting, satisfied, carefree is what comes to our mind when we define the term entertainment. Some entertainment can even have a more serious motive which can be concerned with achieving intellectual growth of an individual.

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