What Are the Peak Travel Seasons for Airport Pick-Up Services?

xe di san bay noi bai

Today in most cities, it has become common for residents to own cars and require their maintenance or purchase. Due to busy lifestyles or inability to take time off work for travel purposes, flights have become popular alternatives for older individuals who cannot take time off work due to travel needs. Rental cars may also be utilized by those who can’t afford their own.

Many people once relied on public transport; however, this has gradually changed as more people purchase cars in major cities. Traveling between airports and the city has become more difficult; therefore a growing number of companies provide alternative airport pick-up and drop-off services for their customers. So when peak travel are seasons for airport pick-up services?

Peak Time for Airport Pick-Up Services

In most countries, peak airport pickup service times for xe di san bay noi bai range from 11am-5pm Mondays-Thursdays between Monday and Thursday, while weekend trips see more passengers between noon and 3pm Saturday and Sunday; these peak travel seasons tend to shift around holidays such as Christmas/New Year/summertime.

Peak Travel Seasons for Airport Pick-Up Services

In the US, peak travel seasons include April-May and September-October; for Europe this period extends between June-July and August; in Asia this period can differ depending on where one resides; Japan and China both experience their peak seasons between May-June and October; Hong Kong/Taiwan experience these times between July-August; while November to February can also be peak travel months in South Korea.

Market Size of Airport Pick-Up Services

It is estimated that airport pickup services represent an estimated global market size of $10 billion. In Europe alone, their estimated market size stands at $6 billion but expected to surpass $10.42 billion by 2020 due to increasing car usage which has become more costly over time.

Overview of the Industry The global airport pick-up services market is dominated by several dominant players. To combat their increased dominance, many of them have formed alliances to form an ‘airport network’ and coordinate all services efficiently. Their customer base comprises mostly businessmen and middle-aged women who take an average annual trip of 5-10 times annually.

Pricing Models of Airport Pick-up Services

In the US, airport pickup service pricing models largely follow car rental company prices; meaning rates may differ based on location and time of day; some services also provide personal driver services with rates typically between $30-60 per day for 4-wheel drive cars – however if booked in advance or take advantage of promotions/discounts offered during certain seasons this could reduce further your daily fee.

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